globegas Engineering Sdn Bhd

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AboutThe Client

Globegas Engineering Sdn Bhd(GGESB) is a 100% bumiputra company. This company is one of the strongest bumiputra’s company in Malaysia, it has been established on 25 August 2003. This company running with engineering work of gas piping system installation which covering Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG-Liquid & Vapor) & Natural Gas (NG) beside civil and maintenance works. They also provide Consulting, Designing, Submission, Construction, Modification, Servicing & Maintenances, Testing and Commissioning of Gas Piping Reticulation (LPG / NG / NGV /GASES) for the Government Bodies, Public Sector such as Restaurant, Factories, Hotels, Schools, Universities, Condominium, Apartments, unit houses, to few name.
We create a corporate website for this company to make this company look more professional and it can make this company well known in the whole world. So this company can easily get trusted by their customers. That we call as business value.